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 Bolinder Recovery

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No One Loves Me and I'm Boatless!!....Scrap yard for you my Boy....

Recovery Fund

Bolinder Engine Recovery

We're a None Profit informational website but recent events have encouraged us to put a request on
the website for
Donations to be used in the Recovery of Bolinder Engines....that if not recovered will
end up as

Engines on the continent are a logistic problem and recently a 1054 was taken away for scrap because
it's location was needed for development. We would like to prevent this happening in the future but our
financial funds do not run to these lengths. The cost of running the website is funded by ourselves and
we have also
donated to this recovery fund.

Any donations will only be used for the recovery of Bolinder Engines which will then be offered for
sale at reasonable prices as whole engines or for spares. The money gained from this will be
returned to the recovery fund enabling us to recover further engines.

Even small donation are useful to build up the fund. The names of donators will only be displayed if
they agree.


Donations can be sent directly to

Bolinder Recovery
4 Wickham Way
East Yorkshire
YO25 6UU

Note: Cheques made payable to:-
Mr B Tidy

Fund Total Stands At