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General Questions 
Jim Shed's Glossary A-Z     Everything You Need To Know About Terms & Waterways



  Always Try To Remember To Change Chimney Exhausts Before Entering a Tunnel....Cutter Akka Spreader Across The Top Of The
 A small pipe with a vertical loop of brass, fitting above the upright exhaust pipe of a motor boat to break the force of the exhaust under bridges
   and tunnels.

 Bargee Bills Prop Cleaner - Removes Plastic, Wire, Fabrics, Rope and most other Rubbish and Debris from Props and Rudders.



Engine Repairs

Does your 1050 series Bolinder Smoke?
John Pattle informs us that the injectors are fitted in the cylinder head in copper sleeves. They should not be fitted with
copper sealing washers, they are
not required! The effect of the washer is to lift the nozzle into the cylinder head,
this causes the spray of fuel to not enter the combustion space cleanly therefore not mixing/burning properly. This will
tend to cause diesel knock (similar to pinking in a petrol engine). Over time this will
damage your motor waste fuel and
cause smoke.