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  From Here You Will Be Able To View Personal Images Of Loving Masterpieces.

If You Want To Add Your Masterpiece e-mail An Image With Boat Name And Details.


For Narrowboats / Boats
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Owned by the Wooding Family - DRACO Is An Excellent Narrowboat Example - DRACO Website - DRACO Crafts.



Timber built ROGER has spent the summer taking recycled paper from
Marks & Spencer. Runs a Lister JP2 and was taking promotional
leaflets before a winter docking for painting etc.

 ROGER about to leave.



A pair of boats working for their living selling coal and diesel.
The Mystery of the 2nd boat with ARGUS was cleared up by Rory MacLean. Many thanks.



LOUISA MAY - A well Loved Narrowboat owned by the Brown Family.
Take the time to visit their excellent website - WEBSITE



ELVIVA - Owned by Povl & Marie Gade
She was built in a small village called Rantzausminde, 3 km. west of Svendborg, on the south of
Funen (Fyn in Danish) island. This boat builder was famous for strong heavily built boats for Greenland
(travel-boats for doctors) and others who need a strong boat for use in ice-filled waters, the pilots in
Denmark used them for service in harsh rough waters, where speedboats would perish.Fishermen
also used this hull for gill net fishing, in both Kattegat and the North Sea, they were open with a
self draining decks, (above water level) a small wheelhouse and snug cabin forward, only very few were
used as small cruiser-boats. The main engine for fishing boats was a 2 cyl. 30 HP Sabb diesels
(Norwegian make) or a 3 cyl. Perkins type 3.152 .
The foreman of the yard built my boat for private use back in 1972, I am still in contact with him.
Povl also has knowledge on Bolinder engines and is listed for anyone requiring Help.



Owned by John Tapner & Derek Dunn

A Danish Fishing Boat some 50 Tons and 52ft long.
Hundested Semi-Diesel Hot Bulb Engine.
Lovingly being restored by Marine Enthusiasts.

Hundested Motor, number, 2470, model: FF/G/L. Year 1975.
This is the second engine of this type the boat has had in her life.
Full feature of Lisa Maria in the Individual Boat Section