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Can Anyone Help!
with the following problems.


We're getting a large number of visitors to the website and many will have accumulated
knowledge over the years. If you can give help to people regarding the following questions
then please e-mail us and we will pass it on.
Please quote Ref No with replies.

If you have a problem please e-mail us and we will list it here at no cost.


                                                                               Ref No 005
Can someone help please ????  what size thread is the oil gauge take off connection on the side of the block of our Bolinder 1052  ,it looks like 1/8" B.S.P.   I don't want to undo it until I'm sure,  (I'm going to put an oil pressure gauge out side next to the steering wheel)   cheers

Brian & Liz Brawley                  


Ref No 004
John Horton - e-mail : j.horton@horton100.freeserve.co.uk  -  Wanted - Piston to suit cylinder bore 6.167" Can Anyone Help Please


Hi                                                                             Ref No 003

We need a thermostat for our Bolinder 1052 engine. Any available or contacts?



Hi!                                                                            Ref No 002

We live on a Dutch barge on the fringes of west London and have inherited a lovely Bolinder whose only blight is a non-
functional thermostat. The previous owners seem to have managed this by installing a tap of sorts which one has to open
and close in line with the temperature. As you can imagine this is an arduous task! Is there any one out there who can
help us source a thermostat…..or, failing that, who might know of a better way to circumvent the problem??

Great web site and pleased to discover like-minded Bolinder fans!



Ref No 001

I have been seeking information on the 160 hp Bolinder semi-diesel available in 1916. It was used in an Arctic vessel, the
Great Bear, and I would like to know its fuel consumption. Do you know or could you advise me whom to ask? 
Thank you.  Paul Spitzer