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 From Here You Will Be Able To See new Listings  -   Last Updated on 26-5-2005

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For some of the entries in the guestbook. We've been found by the inevitable Porn Industry & many other
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I'm keeping a constant eye on the guestbook and these entries
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All genuine entries will not be removed.


May 2005 Listings

A Blunders Section - Added to the website. If you have any Blunders - Near Disasters or Disasters and
                                    managed to capture them on film then please send them in.

Liz & Brian Brawley - Bekita added to the individual boat section - All the way from Mount Compass South
                                   Australia....oh to live there!!...please send me this Saturday's lottery winning numbers!

An Help Page- Added to the website - We will post any help questions on this page and hopefully someone
                          will be able to answer them. We're getting larger numbers of visitors weekly!

John Tapner & Derek Dunn - Lisa Maria added to the individual boat section. This has a Hundested
                                                Semi-Diesel Hot Bulb Engine. Being restored by Marine Enthusiasts.



April 2005 Listings

1051-1052 Gearbox Catalogue - Added to the Manual section in 4 stroke Bolinders

Featured locations - Beverley Beck & Driffield Navigation added to the featured locations.

Featured locations - Added to the website. If anyone would like to feature their local Canal Area please
                                   forward details and photos.

1053 / 1054 Manual - At long last I've completed the 1053 / 1054 Manual and Added it to the manuals in the
                                   4 stroke section.

A Donation page - Added to the website to help with costs of recovering Bolinder engines destined for the
                                Scrap Yard.



March 2005 Listings

Original Documents and Information - Donated by Janette Horton....added to the Semi-Diesel section

Elviva - Added to Gallery1...Povl Gade added to the Bolinder 4 stroke engine page for help on repairs.

Lux Motor Secunda - Added to the Gallery & Individual Boat section



February 2005 Listings

Waterways Crafts - Draco Crafts added to the Crafts section

Waterways Crafts - A Crafts section has been added to the contents page showing canal art at it's best.

Semi-Diesel - We've started a Semi-Diesel section keeping the 4 stoke & Semi-Diesel separated.

New Look - A New look to the contents page. The contents page has been tidied up to give it a new look.



January 2005 Listings - Happy New Year to Everyone

Semi-Diesel History & Specs - Having received more information about Semi-Diesel engines we thought it
                                                  was time to add some details on the Semi-Diesels.

Guestbook - Apology to anyone who tried to recently add entries to the Guestbook. All is sorted for now so
                      please try again. The Guestbook is a way for us to find out visitors ideas and comments.

Music Section - A music section has been added...listing Lyrics and available Canal Music CD's.

 Bolinder Manuals - Instruction book for the Single & Twin Engines has had further information added
                                  and better quality images. The files are quite large but much better.



December Listings

 Bolinder Register - 4 Stroke & Semi-diesel registers updated - Steam information added from Richard
                                 Thomas  ( President's Historian )

 Historical NB Minnow - Added to the Historical Boats section

 Historical NB Sandbach - Added to the Historical Boats section

 Bolinder Technical Specifications - Added to the contents page




November Listings

 Bolinder Original Documents - Original Document section added to contents page. Original documents
                                                    Rescued from Volvo

 Bekita - Added to the Bolinder Gallery. Our first Traditional type boat coming all the way from Australia.

 Andy Talbot - Writer Photographer added to the contents page New Entry - Bolinder Enthusiasts.

 Bolinder 1054 For Sale - Images of the 1054 For Sale are now available ( Continental adds ).

 Bolinder 1054 with gearbox added to - engines and spares ( Continental adds ).

 Steam Narrowboat President - added to Historical Boats. This is an all time great within the Canal
                                                    Community. We are pleased to display details and photos of this boat.



October Listings

Canal Junction  -  were kind enough to list our website on their Engines Page and may be reviewing
                               our website later on this year / next year.

We Continue  -  to list the website in search engines and now come in the top 2 listings on Google.

Bob Tidy  -  returned from a trip to see John Pattle with some excellent information which we hope to
                     list in the near future.

More listings  -  to the Galleries - Gallery 1 - Narrowboats Roger - Argus - Louisa May added.

Image Applets  - added to the website - Helps to bring the website to life.

  Tip  -  A new tip added to the engine repairs section.

Further details / images - added to the dismantle of Bolinder 1001 ( ongoing project by Bob Tidy).

Sandbach - added to the Bolinder Gallery.

UK Waterways Web Ring - We have been accepted by the UK Waterways Web Ring which now lists 100 sites.